Increased efficiency in core operations

Praevenio Consulting supports law firms and legal professionals in Scandinavia who wish to improve their business operations by working smarter. We help promote effective firm management and collaboration in all-sized law firms as a means to build an efficient law practice, thus saving time and money.

What we do

  • InfoSecurity

    Information Security

    Are you protected against cyber threats?

    As law professionals increasingly rely on email, smartphones and other mobile devices to handle confidential matters, law firms are increasingly at risk from cyber threats such as hackers, viruses, and spyware. Because law firms handle valuable information for businesses and individuals, information criminals are specifically targeting lawyers and law firms. It is therefore imperative that firms secure their information assets and establish sound information security practices.

      - Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001)
      - Cybersecurity Policies
      - Business Continuity and Disaster recovery Planning
      - Education in basic information security practices

  • Process

    Business Processes

    Do you know how you do what you do? Can analysis of your core business processes
    be used to reduce costs and improve service?

    The fundamental nature of doing legal work is people-intensive. In the modern law firm this becomes process-intensive. Let us help you effectively document and map your processes taking a structured approach to first, identify your critical business processes, and then to analyze the potential effects of process issues. We deliver process efficiencies using lean principles to assist in improving both the effectiveness and efficiency of firm operations.

  • Management

    Management Systems

    What systems guide your organization in meeting its objectives? Do you really know
    how your firm is performing? Is an increase in case load your only lever for affecting firm profitability?
    A management system is a framework for managing and continually improving your organization's policies, procedures and processes. It includes strategies such as process optimization, metrics and monitoring, and a disciplined management focus. Let us help you develop effective written policies and procedures, key performance indicators (KPI), and then carefully analyze them and implement the necessary systems to make your business more lucrative. We develop management systems based on the Balanced Scorecard approach. By implementing a management system you're able to continually update your mission, strategies, operations and service levels. In turn, improving the firm's revenue streams while managing cash flow.

  • Chart


    Does your current technology help increase individual and firm productivity?
    Legal professionals are using technology more than ever before, and more firms are leveraging technology as a key strategic asset. Effective use of technology and information management techniques in the modern legal practice translates to competitive advantage. It involves a full understanding of the business and how technology can support it, while keeping IT costs to a minimum.
    Our consultants can help your firm evaluate how technology can be applied to help manage and increase the productivity of your legal practice. We can help ensure the right technology systems are in place, and that these support your business goals.
      - Technology Selection
      - Case Management Systems (time and billing)
      - Assessment and Strategy
      - Technical Advisory

  • Folder

    Special Projects

    Need help with a unique project? Any project?
    The hardest part of any task or project is finding time and resources, or just getting started.
    In addition the the above offerings, we offer customized consulting, training and support including: change management initiatives, implementation projects, interim management, outsourcing advisory,
    and subject matter presentations.
      - Project Management
      - Paper Reduction Strategies

"lawyers, in order to survive,
must respond creatively and forcefully to the shifting demands of a rapidly evolving legal marketplace "

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